Color Theory: images + text, edition farangis

color theory, cover, drawing and ink stamp, edition farangis

Color Theory, booklet consisting of 6 prints with text in diamond case. Texts and images by Farangis. € 25.00 / $ 37.00.

color theory, pink, drawing, edition farangis

Pink morning
pink cheeks
pink sky
snow-white white
fairy tale women
cheeks, hot
no day
in pink

color theory, green , drawing, edition farangis

Green trees,
green marsians,
Goethe liking
“green sauce” (German dish),
green green green
are all my clothes (allusion to passage of a German folk song)
because my husband
is no good hunter
since he shoots my deer

color theory, blue, drawing, edition farangis

Blue eyes
has my cat
in the blue sky
looks at me
so blue
looks at me
so smart

color theory, purple, drawing, edition farangis

Purple Cathedrals
purple priests
purple gowns
purple purplus
he reads in purple
purple women
in the niches
humble heading towards church and kitchen and children

color theory, multicoloured, drawing, edition farangis

multicoloured dog
only veggies
doctor says ‘that won’t work’
multicoloured dog
pees on car’s wheels
are aggrieved
multicoloured dog
is pretty healthy

color theory, yellow, drawing, edition farangis

Yellow bright
Nina rocks
in rockers’ cave
yellow glimpse
hits into the taboo
whips a
storm of german words
skrieking screams
a yellow-light hell
how that shoots
I like to listen

(…. and it’s high philosophy …. you could not see ….)

..a mass scraper (for what?)..

These are some drafts for snail mail postcards we once made. I am gonna upload the final results some day too.

scraper, edition farangis

…. Wow, there are my boots …. Awww can you sing that lovesong again? ….

scraper, edition farangis

…. And a horse was too expensive for you …. Why does everybody call me ‘stupid dog’? ….

scraper, edition farangis

…. Why is everything I have so long …. What do I have to do with the camel

scraper, edition farangis

…. Cos I’m your guardian angel …. And you think these pants are practical

scraper, edition farangis

…. Uh oh, who made this one for you …. But I wanted a sweet dog

scraper, edition farangis

…. Do you really think that’s comfortable …. Well who is the crown of the creation

scraper, edition farangis

…. I’m so sad, nobody loves me …. Unbelievable, such a big dog and such a little tail