And which cultural diversity are you talking about?


“Law and rights are inherited, like a perpetual illness. They are dragged from generation to generation and shift lightly from location to location. Reason becomes nonsensical, advantage turns plague, woe you who are a grandchild. The question of the right which is born with us, is rarely being raised.” – from Faust 1. part, J.W. Goethe


When it comes to violence to any bodies,
what point will I make with showing culturally diverse forms of joy from causing death, destruction, torture, pain.

When it comes to learning about and connecting
with the fragility of sensitive gentleness of life’s individuations,

for my own inner and outer moral progress and that of my social ties with coinhabitants, fellows,
here is where I have to learn from cultural diversity and that entails
also the nonhuman cultural diversities.

(palangLY; which of the layers of cultural diversity are they referring to, aiming at what?)

A Fragment A.

An acrylic painting by Farangis Yegane … if you click on the image you get (via a new tab) to her pages about “vessels as a metaphor”:


Stuff that matters when you just witnessed something like Rumi described … a thought I had …

A life that moves from this to yonder world.

No one else can enter your trail.
Maybe that’s why you are wishing … bad.

You go your very own trail, which you come up with yourself, inwardly.
The Sun and Moon shed their light and shadow on every trail.

But it’s you that goes alone to where you meet your kin-nature.