A Fragment A.

An acrylic painting by Farangis Yegane … if you click on the image you get (via a new tab) to her pages about “vessels as a metaphor”:


Stuff that matters when you just witnessed something like Rumi described … a thought I had …

A life that moves from this to yonder world.

No one else can enter your trail.
Maybe that’s why you are wishing … bad.

You go your very own trail, which you come up with yourself, inwardly.
The Sun and Moon shed their light and shadow on every trail.

But it’s you that goes alone to where you meet your kin-nature.

Catalytic one and two, by Palang

Thanks to Zal and Ross for being on these pictures!

catalytic two, palang latif

Somebody that I hold dear said to me today: ‘when have you ever done anything for society?’

catalytic two, palang latif

I don’t do anything for society, if whatever I do would have to be measurable with any financial “advantage” gained thereby.

And, I would be completely ignorant of my social and political environment, if I had to derive my “meaning of life” from some type of luxury (to ignorantly lavish in), at the same time while the source of all evil is exactly that desire. The desire for a luxury which is made up of “the environment is there to be used by me”.

I will add the measurements of these two paitings by me tomorrow or some time later I guess.

What I also want to add, is how much the news of the the young girl who killed herself because of somebody/some people who played an evil hoax on her, really depressed me: POKIN AROUND: A real person, a real death, Steve Pokin stcharlesjournal.stltoday.com, Parents say fake online ‘friend’ led to girl’s suicide, on cnn.com. See also discontent with the myspace community/social network on here MySpace Sucks, moundalexis.com, and something…which seems out of place to bring it up right in this context now, but since I’ve had some overall negative impressions of myspace too, (as what regards the code of aesthetics there with icons and images used by a fraction of people: i.e. displayed brutality and etc.) I feel this link shows in a funny way though, that there is something wrong with myspace on even the less important types of levels, and even those less important levels can be upsetting too: myspacesucks, planetmut.com