We, two lovers

1. even stupidity can rule only partly

2. the time of the mass movements is over
since the world is global
and global indeed in its enviromental
masses of interests fall into the pieces
of the dillemma
of the individual

3. I haven’t planned (rather : dared to hope) for it
but this is great
the ban of freedom
has been lifted
by fate

4. We are creative being passive, on a photo. I hold a vegetarian shoe by vegetarian shoes.

A reply to a homocentrist

A reply to a homocentrist minded person … :

No, homocentrism is quite a contrast to humanism. I am a radical vegan Animal Rights and Human Rights advocate. It’s too black and white to say: you have to “kill” plants to eat: cos you don’t have to “kill” plants, you can harvest their veggies. If you are against Animal Rights I can not and do not want to convince you of the idea. Just as little as I don’t want to convince a racist of Human Rights, honestly, you can’t do that. Leave everybody where they are, but talk to those you feel sympathetic to … to their ideas that is.