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When I was driving home, I had to wait for a train and it made me think...this
train didn't have them...and I'm not sure if they are still in use...but I know that they used to/still are ??? hauling live farm animals on trains...and I was thinking how they exploit the animals will to live - they actually trick the animal into helping itself go to slaughter - by putting the animal under very abusive conditions and then the animal fights to stay alive, because it simply wants to live and must think things could get better for him/her and this makes the animal participate in the whole process of being processed.

The dreaded v-words

I don't know how much this contributes to the problem , but the words vegetarian and vegan sound lousy and I'm not the only one that feels this way. I know a few veggie people that agree with me on this and I don't know that many veggie people. Who came up with such stupid names anyway ? I'm trying to think of a better name. Has to be something really cool. I'm at a loss. How about a symbol instead of a word , like that stupid guy Prince did? Ok, I sat here and thought for a few seconds and here is my master plan: We don't use the words vegetarian and vegan. Instead we say "I don't eat meat" and "I don't eat cheese" etc...Makes people think when they hear it. More so than the dreaded V-words. Don't be afraid to criticize me about this, I'm starving for attention anyway.

That doesn't sound bad 

Some people will say, "Hey the word vegetarian has been around too long to stop using it." Actually the word vegan came along because the word vegetarian was not specific enough or more importantly has lost it's meaning for reasons I can't quite figure out. So about the word vegan: it is currently not even known by most people, so there's nothing wrong with scrapping it now.

Eating road-kill

Why should it be illegal to eat road-kill anyway? I'm thinking about this and it just adds fuel to the fire about how twisted it all is. Fine to kill an animal on purpose to eat it, but not ok to eat an animal that was killed accidentally. I know it's legal in Tennesse, but why not everywhere else then? I don't like the term road-kill by the way. Everytime I've heard about someone getting sick or dying from contaminated meat, it was always meat from a slaughterhouse. So what gives? 

Is heightened compassion inherited?

My mom eats enough meat to give a T-rex dinosaur a heart attack, owns a few fur coats, and thinks she's God's favorite person. My dad used to hunt poisonous snakes, got a kick out of eating a raw steak at least once, claimed he loved animals (so does my mom). They didn't teach me anything good. If I didn't look so much like my dad, I would think they weren't my real parents. I know darn well, this compassion business is not genetic. Sure it can be taught to some degree. I wonder how many veggie people have had kids and raised them to be veggie only to have the kid choose to eat meat later on. I wouldn't be able to handle that.

Motivation to become a veggie

When I became a vegetarian in 1984 at the age of 15, it was only because of moral reasons. I thought all 'food' animals were running around in open fields and were killed instantaniously at the slaughterhouse with little or no pain. Took me many years to go totally vegan though, so I'm not special. Actually now I don't even feel I'm worthy to eats plants either. 

What's wrong with eating animals ?

Being held captive in a pen all day, all night. Babies being taken from their mothers. Slaughterhouse workers amusing themselves by torturing the animals. Animals being forced to march to their own deaths by brutal force. Do I need to go on? A couple of quotes: "Forget the pig is an animal. Treat him just like a machine in a factory". Hog Farm Management Magazine. "Look, if you want beef, this is the only way you can have it. There's no room in this business for a 'be kind to animals' attitude." Livestock auction worker. 

Animal Consent 

I always hear the stupid argument: "Well if animals kill other animals, then humans can kill animals too." Then I also hear: "Humans are better than animals because we feel compassion." Hello? Most people think both of these statements are true at the same time. Most "good christians " feel this way. There has to be a subconcious guilt somewhere inside them. Actually the fact that they 'thank god' for the slab of meat on their table proves this.  I'm repeating the same old stuff we already know, so now I'll get to what I really want to say about how I think meat-eaters should be confronted about their perversion: Sex. Think I'm crazy? 99% of people think it's wrong to have sex with an animal (myself included-- duh!). So why is sex wrong and murder ok? Maybe they can't see it as murder because of the whole "god put animals here for us to use". Of course they think that. To un-brainwash them about this would be a very tough battle. Back to the animal sex thing: I think I read that a politician wants to make sex with an animal illegal by the idea that the act is not consensual. So I thought, @#$# ! The imprisonment and butchering CERTAINLY isn't consensual either. That's the real point I'm trying to make here -- consent. The influence of religion weaves in and out of all of this. And I realize how lousy this message is because it would take a book to explain all of this. I don't like writing, so don't ask me to write
the book.


Are you really concerned with population control? I mean population control off ALL CREATURES! No, not really. Pretty darn hypocritical if you ask me. One species needs to be "managed" while another (humans) has a "free for all" when it comes to procreating . And you have contributed to part of that problem. How many kids do you have? Practice what you preach...


Someone said that animals only feel love no matter what we humans do to them, and it's just not so. Love is fragile and it gets stripped away easily. Some known examples of animals who have had their love "taken away": Bulls at bull fights, roosters at cock fights, dogs at dog fights, circus elephants going off on
rampages and stomping people to death. Sure, you'd mouth off to me, because its so darn easy isn't it? And it's so darn safe cause I'm in an extreme minority. Would you put this sort of effort and "bravery" into confronting animal abusers/exploiters? I doubt it...

Someonewhoever: I quite seriously communicate with animals telepathically (while alive) as well as humans alive and *dead*...I honestly think you have misinterpreted something. I believe animals ONLY LOVE. Even when we humans have done horrendous things to them...they love. That is how a majority of them are more evolved than we humans are.

THEY FEEL HATE, CONFUSION, SADNESS, like no one could ever imagine. No love to be felt when you are taken from your mother, put in a steel pen for your WHOLE short life. EVERY DAMN MOMENT! RIGHT NOW! BILLIONS, biting on metal bars, crammed on trucks in the freezing cold, in the scorching summer heat. Poked, proded, beaten, cut, killed by unfeeling sadists. There is no love my dear, not in their world. They are supposed to love, yes, but love requires nurturing just like with humans. I don't have to bend over backwards to prove any of this, because the evidence is so abundant. Go to a prison and talk to serial killers and find out how a childhood filled with neglect and abuse has created a being with little or no love in his heart. Animals don't have a immunity to this same tradgedy. You are not really able to communicate with animals if you have not felt all the things I have metioned here. Maybe you should go to a factory farm and see what kind of communication you have then, or better yet, a slaughterhouse. I have explained these things in greater detail to others and it makes them cry, it makes me cry. It is so bad that I can't stand it anymore and it will surely drive me to suicide, so don't belittle me with your tarro card and crystal ball nonsense. 


Because most meat-eaters feel this way about animal rights people saying its wrong to eat meat: "We like eating meat, so what are you gonna do about it?" I have seen and heard this said and it pisses me off soooooo bad. Anyway, how do words on a bumper sticker/poster/flyer compare to the animals having their throats slashed RIGHT NOW! I hate meat-eaters, PERIOD! I think they should be bombarded with the reality that they like to hide so well. I have had family members die from heart attacks, and some still alive with bad hearts. They know DAMN well what they are doing, and I don't feel sorry for them being so greedy with their self-gratification. Gosh, I'm such a bad guy cuz I like to take the side of the innocent victim. What a poor non-conforming human I do make! 

Someonewhoever: For most people, veganism goes hand in hand with a desire to better both the world and their own spirit. For you, veganism is a tool for justifying, and spewing, some of the hatred you feel. "Water in the mouth of a bee becomes honey, water in the mouth of a scorpion becomes poison." If we're talking about choices, yours is the saddest of all.

So your peaceful passive ways have achieved what? A whole lot of nothing I see. Pat yourself on the back. Just like Hitler was removed from power by the peaceful citizens going about their daily lives. I guess forceful intervention didn't do any good, OR DID IT? Yes , of course I'm being sarcastic. And my opinions are the saddest of all? Really? My opinions are ever more sad than the guys at the slaughterhouse who have to beat animals with pipes to force them to move toward slaughter? And they say "hey, if you want meat, this is how you get it " MY OPINION IS MORE SAD THAN THAT? IS IT? TELL ME, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!



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