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Comments on what they CAN do

Writing and reading. Mathematical calculation.*****[snore] Making and playing of musical instruments.****[many animals play music.] Creating and using a calendar.**** [animals know about the different seasons and store food to prepare for it or migrate to a warmer place)] Engaging in commerce.*****[snore plus vomit] The practice of law.*****[human laws are a sick joke 99% of the time] The practice of medicine and veterinary medicine.****[animals often know what medicinal plants to eat to help them with sickness] Pyrotechnics. Cooking food.****[especially meat, because they can't handle it in it's natural form] Studying.**** [because they have a real hard time really understanding so many things and they need to distract themselves from the fact that they are basically zombies compared to non-human animals] Tracking the movements of celestial bodies. Whale or bird watching.****[in envy]

The use of graphic arts. Production of artificial light.****[fire-flies are saying "been there, done that] Production of artificial heat. Home decoration.****[apparently there are no bird's nest in wyoming] Modeling clothing. Making jewelry. Fashion design. Plumbing. Telegraphy. Telephony. Broadcasting. Furniture design. The practice of religion. Storytelling. Kindling fire. Body decoration. Printing. Musical notation. The presentation of argument. Photography. Inducing or utilizing abstract principles. Going on a vacation.*****[to get away from all this @#%$! you mention here] 

Construction of wheels for transportation. Construction of artificial wings for flying.****[wouldn't it be ironic if they got that idea from birds ?] Planning for retirement. Sailing. Investment. Farming and ranching. Mechanical engineering. Transportation and use of stored power. Mailing or shipping. Piloting craft. Recording music. Inventing games. Distilling alcohol.***[to get drunk coz it sucks living around so many humans doing all this stupid @#%$! you wrote] 

Shopping. Avoiding or inhibiting the spread of natural diseases.*****[creating even more diseases and even being a species that lives more like a disease than a being in harmony with this Earth] 

Stringing 10 words together to make a logical argument. 

*****[can I add some more?. Ok, thanks. How about: child pornography, turning rivers and streams into sewage and toxic waste canals. creating superficial entertainment to pass the time because real life "just don't seem right". fences, cages, and steel bars to keep everything on the Earth in it's assigned comparment. I could go on and on. But I'd like to sum it all up with this : If all these things you mention are so great, how come most people I know (mostly your average "omnivore") are taking meds for depression and chemical imbalance brain problems ? Because human society is @#%$!, that's why.]



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