From A to B, to ABC, just thoughts

What do you think how one can best impact the world, positively or negatively. Would you prefer to impact things in a way that seems desirable to you, desirable to others?

It might seem useless to make any attempts to act by ones own, however you take your own responsibility for whatever small step you do or don’t want to do. So you affect things with you entire existence. This might make you feel hated, because you know “being yourself” is already in itself something basically political (actions and words affect and matter to your environment, etc.)

How do you tie your knots? Which things do you like to relate, to which conclusions do you get?

What is the resumé to get when one thinks about: “What shall I do now?”. What can I do at all within a societal “railway-path” type of system. I don’t want my actions and word to be boxed in into causes that seem incomplete to me. My viewpoints are general. What I do, matters. Even if at spots that are unpopular to stand on, because empty spots are due to be “developed”.

Keep spaces free. The universe might express it’s own complexity.

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