PROTEST: „Artist“ Abdel Abdessemed showing snuff, promoting speciesism at Centre Pompidou


It seems that a snuff video will be shown at the exhibit at Centre Pompidou. So the killing the artist uses for his “art” took or takes place outside of the event. However animal murder is being promoted as a form of art, killing and humiliation is aestheticized. It basically makes no difference, the degree of severe speciesism is the same, even with these forms of indirectness of the act. The exhibition promotes animal murder, so please keep up the protest to stop the performance / video display from being part of this already gruesome severely speciesist exhibition.

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Le centre Pompidou expose Adel Abdessemed qui tue et filme la mort des animaux!

„Artist“ Abdel Abdessemed plans to kill Animals at Centre Pompidou exhibition

On 7. January 2013 the “artist” Abdel Abdessmed wants to publicly kill a cow, a calf, a goat, a pig, a sheep and a horse with a sledgehammer “life on stage”. This abhorrent “arts performance” is scheduled to take place at the well known Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

The Text of the ongoing petition by against this planned “performance”:

Abdel Abdessned holds an exhibit at the 7. of January 3012 at the Centre Pompidou. His programm is to kill a pig, a goat, a cow, a calf and a horse there with a sledgehammer.

He want to tie the animals to a wall and then start hitting them with a hammer. This will be accompanied by a sound installation and some “artistic impetus”.

We must prevent this horrid “performance” from happening! This can’t be tolerated under the name of “art”, neither as far as the artistic side is concerned nor that of an “arts interested” audience.

Murdering nonhuman animals isn’t art. It’s inhumane to support such a project or to allow it to take place. Such an “exhibition” is completely unbearable from an animal welfare and animal rights point of view.

We ask you to sign our petition to prevent this “performance” at the Centre Pompidou from happening.


In Germany animal protection law prohibits hurting and killing a nonhuman animal for the purpose of display, such as for an arts exhibition. We need a law covering this huge problem for the EU member states urgently:

Tierschutzgesetz, § 3 Absatz 6: Es ist verboten, ein Tier zu einer Filmaufnahme, Schaustellung, Werbung oder ähnlichen Veranstaltung heranzuziehen, sofern damit Schmerzen, Leiden oder Schäden für das Tier verbunden sind.“