Ku Klux … the white immoral grounds

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The Ku Klux Klan loves to adopt highways and sues the counties who don’t want to have them there. My friend Platypus told me about one of such incidents that took place in the area where she lives:

The Adopt-A-Highway program allows any organization to participate, which became a point of controversy when the Ku Klux Klan adopted a portion of Interstate 55 just south of St. Louis, Missouri. While legally the program had to uphold the groups’ rights to participate, the public outcry and repeated destruction of their sign was a cause of concern. In November 2000, the section of highway was designated as the Rosa Parks Freeway, named after the famed civil-rights heroine. (SOURCE)

The KKK seems to be on the rise in Germany, like other forms of homophobia are too. Right wing mediocrity comfortably blends into extremism, in the same way as religious conformism gives way to an overall despisal of infidels and people of the wrong gender. The people who imagine to be so contrary  often have more in common than they probably believe.


@germanvegan rightly noted:

While we are busy breaking our heards about intra-human conflicts, the world is being destroyed by speciesism+ecocidal consumerism.


If we WANT to find common grounds, we ought to make a shift in our thinking. There are more important things than nitpicking on other peoples “being different from me”.

Anybody who really believes he is taking a higher moral stance by assuming his race, creed or even gender would be THE ONE making THE RIGHT impacts on the world for it to become a better place, leaves the broad possibilities of the moral plane.

Morality means facing real evils and not being comfortable with ones own faulty narcissism.

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