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If a high in human ethics is inseparably accompanied by factual animal degradation coming in any form, then such ethics
Part of speciesist history in our society/ies is that critique of animal hatred, derogation, and so forth is muted. It
(QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF THE NON-DAIRY VEGETARIANS.) Price 2d. (Post free 3d.) Yearly Subscription 1/- NO. 1. NOVEMBER 1944. Also available
Activists that mention all ethical environmental and social issues except animal rights and speciesism. Sounds familiar? Let's make these awkward
Sentience stands in contexts, do you poke into the functionalities of a beings nervous system to analyze the “quality” of
Edibility in the case of the human-animal-relationship always goes along with the legitimization of “meat eating” via objectification of the
Criticizing human supremacism while practicing it? An animal sociology should in our view ideally be a system of full access
Speciesism = destruction by definition The “common denominator” is often used to derogate animality: Like “animals and humans both experience
Mani and the Manichaeans > Why the Manichaeans Abstained from Animal Food > Against the Manichaeans, Augustine of Hippo St.
Can anybody tell me why anyone needs scientific proof about animal cognition and sentience, etc. Address the individual/group themselves to