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... these famed masters of art, does their art have to impress me, because their art is praised, priced and Read more
A reply to a homocentrist minded person ... : No, homocentrism is quite a contrast to humanism. I am a Read more
The images and the text: Farangis Yegane The mind and the thoughts are free - good that it's so - Read more
Have just been reading Hannah Arendt ' s study on Totalitarianism, but how she takes the African culture as race Read more
Can you imagine being put in prison for your right to speak freely? If I lived right now somewhere else, Read more
Flesh is Bodies I said: Some guy who runs a weird type of grocery chainstore (he himself is an acclaimed Read more
Dear Friends, dear Visitors, We are wishing you a constructive 2009. For Animal Rights and the Environment and for Human Read more
An etching and poem by Farangis Yegane: Point of Silence Withdrawn into the initials of my spiral, from within my Read more
We are wishing the visitor/s happy vegan holidays. Read more
Farangis: drawings and a short summary of an excerpt from Firdausi’s Shahnameh. The story of the King Zohhak briefly retold. Read more