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An acrylic painting by Farangis Yegane ... if you click on the image you get (via a new tab) to Read more
The Reconstruction of the colors of ancient greek statues: Not that I want to seem overcritical, but what I found Read more
I can say something and whatever I wish to. But I can't find that it's at all understood, let alone Read more
A vegan message: Just so, nothing special to add. If anybody would listen, I would like to say: make the Read more
Hello Friends, we are back again, and here is ... : A poem and linoleum print by Farangis, CLICK TO Read more
I came across an interesting site on ethics, and found an even more interesting point of view expressed on there Read more
A love poem and linoleum print by Farangis: Read more
This is a mixed media image by Palang: This is music going along with this, track starts after 11 seconds: Read more
This is a linoleum print by Farangis Yegane: Links regarding the subject: IMPACTS ONE CAN MAKE THROUGH ARTS, i.e. isn't Read more
A segment of a cartoon type-o-drawing   Read more