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Theriocides are happening unquestioned, while climate neutrality is being envisioned. Animality’s habitat > ‘nature’ > is continuously being appropriated as Read more
Animal rights advocates who take reformism for fundamental change: Don’t fall into the biologistically argumenting trap of discussing nonhuman animals Read more
See totalitarianism from the standpoint of nonhumanity's ally and wonder who all in our societies turns the eyes away from Read more
A recourse to ethology > instead of challenging the existent definitory frameworks that seek to explain animality > is part Read more
Build an awareness for biologism as a main expression of speciesism, when you discuss other-than-human animal agency. Antispeciesist Animal Sociology Read more
Antispeciesism is at least a two-way road: A critique of species-ism could mean to completely deconstruct the notion of “species” Read more
The format of having one big (failing) un climate conference where nations meet is not enough facing the ecocidal catastrophe. Read more
Some weird music I made comes first, and after that arts ..... they might not fit, but I just send Read more
We don’t speak of the injustice towards each life that is enduring being killed in a slaughterhouse … We speak Read more