Expressing that thought

multicoloured dog by farangis

The Sea Urchins and Shells, Dec 03, 2006

A plight - how many plights have you seen,
that touched you, or not.
At least your own plight will be resolved successfully,
for you.
But who had been responsible for your plight?
The world? Or many, many, many people?
You draw a breath, and that what yesterday
had caused you pain, turns now into
that which resolves - one of the many plights.

Love, starts with loving that fabulous one,
That turns out to be two, three, four, and five.
Manifold love, that invokes love.
Like the shells and the sea.
Love ends where it starts, in yonder world.

They seem kind of personal, maybe they are, Jan 21, 2007


What is it that you believe in, what is it that she believes in?
Who actually and finally decides about - the outcome - reality?
If not she or I or we, maybe not Truth?

Is truth static or an animalcule?
It doesn't have human features.
It's a peer of the "tame beasts"!
You don't seem to believe in their existential value, and you don't believe in the existential value of truth.

Truth is not caused by hard contrivance, it's existent even without me or you. But I can go in a deep bondage and friendship with the night-heaven-earth and planetly tides, or I can go against this truth.
But in accord with whose contrivances?!


Enraged about all too many things
especially in regard to that what I want to say.
I can't speak about it,
and yet it enrages me.

What is it that mutes the crazy sounds,
that bubble like a crystal fountain,
with 'no lies' inside?
What is it that mutes me,
if not I?

a drawing by me Palang
Para Dais

Did you purposely cross that park, without
giving thanks to each leaf and blade of grass
that sums up for your eyes into greens -
Did you purposely cross that street, without
getting the connection between stone and rock
and tar and ground.
Did you purposely head into your future
without noticing the trail you were following -
Did you purposely call the park 'heaven'?


If you ever ask for pardon, I would perhaps pardon you. But better address those who you pick, and reject my offer for a pardon. Maybe I would pardon you for condemning that, what makes up the big non-space of un-equality.

But what does the rubbish do, to the producer of the rubbish? Maybe, instead of pardoning you I should leave you alone and admire you for sueing yourself for your own weird views. I recycle myself, in a place where even pardoning creates justice.


It separates you: your moral actions, your dreams about equality, your suffering, things that make you happy. There is so much different. Why are we all ordinary then?

Not being you or him or her, even my losses -
proud individuality. Like whom would 'ME'
WANT TO BEE? Proud about differences!