Subjective Activism

Frist: I want to add my favorite Animal Rights track list here … here is one song to start with:

Burnt Cross – Look into their eyes.

If you listen to tracks such as this one, you may want to ask yourself how helpful a discourse in a direction of an antibiologistic animal sociology will eventually become in some form. You can’t evade interspecies social contextualities. This is a sample take from a minority music style, yet it expresses valid and strong notions, that are quite comprehensive in terms of getting the bigger more contextualizing picture.


My name is Gita Yegane Arani and I throw the stuff of an intiative of interspecies friends together > Gruppe Messel. Our project is all about microorganistic politics, and we seem probably kind of unstructured.

A quick draft on our ideas of subjective activism:

We describe what we do as subjective activism. Our activism is not about qualification. We believe society works a lot on disempowerment and fails to see how being a powerless subject exactly expresses a position of possible change in perspective. It is oftentimes assumed that you need to speak and act from a powerful position, and this is also a reason for people to believe that forming social clusters brings more adequate justice on a deeper, more fundmental level. If a position differs too strongly from the convetionalized ones though such path does not help to reveal where a dilemma may lie. Our notion of what we call a highly subjective activism implies some sort of failure and tragedy as you bring your thoughts, feelings and activities and passivities in. Powerlessness marks our situation we think, and is a logical position in human contexts that are marked by claims on power and wilfully created hierarchies. The subject may lose and it’s okay, you just tread on, you can’t combat concepts of power, you can just go other ways.

Yours, the Gruppe Messel and its organizers Lothar and Gita Yegane Arani >

You can write to us at: niceswine [at] gmail [dot] com oder mail [at] simorgh [dot] de

Thank you for visiting our site!

Here is some personal nascrissism and photographic self-reflection by the loser tech person running this: Gita / Palang LY … :