Fruit without Seeds!

Fruit without Seeds!
A poem by Manuchehr Jamali, translation Gita Yegane Arani

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Man knows that truth is a fruit without seeds,
Truth, he knows, must pacify and satisfy your palate,

Hadn’t it been paradises fruit that he’d eaten,
And of which he’d spat out its seeds in disgust,
And said why God would have to place in fruit with sweetness,
teeth breaking rocks,

The devil though knew, that ripe fruit would bear heavy stones.
And seeds of “visionary fruits” would break the “questions” of the teeth!

The devil planted the seeds, that man spat with anger,
And over time grew another plant and he’d create another paradise;
one that would produce fruit without seeds, and sights without questions!

And man, thrown out of paradise for eating God’s fruit,
Was thus put back into God’s paradise,

And went with Satan’s paradisical insights,
Offering taste and comfort,

And: the fruit, within him, would contain no seeds of questions!

Tired from painfully planting the seeds and cultivation,
And from the burden of growing and work,
The needed task became a bane.
Since then the devil would be in heaven,
That “knowledge without doubts” was achieved,
And a truth of “fruit without seeds” known,
And the truth without question be swallowed.

And man did not know that truth is the Creator,
Whose seeds become questions,
And that the knowledge that these questions developed, he would not find,
and thus not have the truth.

So he named the devil’s paradise, God’s paradise,
And God’s paradise would be named: a lie that’s past!

Art > by Farangis G. Yegane

Re-edited Nov. 2018.

Lightning Sparkles

human souls
Lightning sparkles in beetle souls
bird souls fox souls
dog souls cat souls
tiger souls elephant souls
Lightning sparkles in all living beings
huge lightning sparkles firework

what god prescribes
radio silence to you?

Farangis Yegane: Wohnlabyrinth, Edition Farangis, 2007

From outside

What strikes me so weird is, that most people don’t seem authentic to me. And the ones that do seem authentic, might not understand what I’d like to bring across. I am only here to do what I personally can do and say what I think. I insist on being critical! Even if it makes me an outsider.

Another thing that came into my mind … a picture: devil, chimera, hybrid … ? However this is a ornamental depiction of an animalesque being, very nice … :

Thought Around ongoing-thinking

The images and the text: Farangis Yegane

The mind and the thoughts are free – good that it’s so – but why does my mind whirl in thoughts, I mean, why is my mind constantly occupied with thinking and with thoughts?

When I hear the word LOVE – I do think. When I hear a dog barking – I think. When I hear a car that went fast stopping – I think. When I hear a weather forcast – I think. When I see the picture of a politician – I think. When I read the results of a poll – I think. When I see the packed shopping cart of the customer in a supermarket – I think. Would I speak all my thoughts, the result was an ongoing river of speech, starting from dawn to the mid of night.

I rethink
I prethink
sometimes I think solo
sometimes in a choir
I think black
I think blue
I think as a man
I think as a woman
I think soft
I think hard
I think at the goal
I think at the start
I think in darkness
I think in light
I don’t think
when I am in love
I think high
I think deep
I think, think, think
until my star has called for me.


Hello Friends, we are back again, and here is … :

A poem and linoleum print by Farangis, CLICK TO ENLARGE:

Around where we live people like to fully light their houses with energy saving lamps. In that way they use more energy for illumination purposes than if they used less light-sources with old-fashioned light bulbs. Also I have the vague impression that people don’t take their spent energy-saving light bulbs to the “special trash” place where the bulbs should be properly disposed of or meterials be recycled. Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and other unwholesome things, see ‘Mercury, the downside of energy-saving bulbs‘, ‘Look Ma! NO MERCURY Energy Saving light bulbs!‘, ‘CFL Bulbs Have One Hitch: Toxic Mercury‘ … .

But, no matter what the source of light is, the bright mystery remains why we reject the “DARK” so much as the side where evil and irrationality reigns and why we prefer the “LIGHT” as the source where all good comes from.

Darkness is the home of inspiration I believe, and fantasy usually accompanies irrationality.

The Night: Information pertaining to the night sky, light pollution and the ecology of the night, Anthony Arrigo

The International Dark-Sky Association

Starry Night Lights
Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Night Sky Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Light Pollution – the problem

Light pollution
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Poetry, Farangis Yegane:

… A poem by Marion Canby

… a meadow … with nesting life
spared by a mower’s blade set high
the flowering weeds and grasses strewn
over the field to be raked and dried
by rays from a fire set high in the heaven.
From: High Mowing by Marion Canby, 1932

I came across this poem in an opening quote, namely in “Leadership” by James MacGregor Burns. This stanza is amazingly beautiful. Googling I found that Willa Cather must have been in contact with Marion Canby….

Color Theory: images + text, edition farangis

color theory, cover, drawing and ink stamp, edition farangis

Color Theory, booklet consisting of 6 prints with text in diamond case. Texts and images by Farangis. € 25.00 / $ 37.00.

color theory, pink, drawing, edition farangis

Pink morning
pink cheeks
pink sky
snow-white white
fairy tale women
cheeks, hot
no day
in pink

color theory, green , drawing, edition farangis

Green trees,
green marsians,
Goethe liking
“green sauce” (German dish),
green green green
are all my clothes (allusion to passage of a German folk song)
because my husband
is no good hunter
since he shoots my deer

color theory, blue, drawing, edition farangis

Blue eyes
has my cat
in the blue sky
looks at me
so blue
looks at me
so smart

color theory, purple, drawing, edition farangis

Purple Cathedrals
purple priests
purple gowns
purple purplus
he reads in purple
purple women
in the niches
humble heading towards church and kitchen and children

color theory, multicoloured, drawing, edition farangis

multicoloured dog
only veggies
doctor says ‘that won’t work’
multicoloured dog
pees on car’s wheels
are aggrieved
multicoloured dog
is pretty healthy

color theory, yellow, drawing, edition farangis

Yellow bright
Nina rocks
in rockers’ cave
yellow glimpse
hits into the taboo
whips a
storm of german words
skrieking screams
a yellow-light hell
how that shoots
I like to listen