I set myself a happy task

I have set myself the happy task to sift these fragments from my NiceSwine blog through and assemble a reasonable reader from them. This list excludes my “preliminary fragmental list on Speciesism and Animal Hatred” and my fragments from by civilized objects blog. My E-Readers so far are to be found here: Animal Autonomy, not to be conflated with our Tierautonomie-Journal.

  1. A not so clear relation: Animal Agency and Morality, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/a-not-so-clear-relation-animal-agency-and-morality
  2. What is Animality, and what it isn’t, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/animality-positives
  3. When speciesism feeds speciesism, and why AR activists should not fall for unproductive rhetorical twists, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/when-speciesism-feeds-speciesism-and-why-ar-activists-should-not-fall-for-unproductive-rhetorical-twists
  4. A vegan economy? Where to start, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/a-vegan-economy-where-to-start
  5. Seeing Big Birds, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/seeing-big-birds
  6. Why speciesism is evil, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/why-speciesism-is-evil
  7. A fragment on insect mythologies and insect representations, and why symbolism is not sufficient to explain the relation, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/fragment-on-insect-mythologies-and-representations
  8. “Joy” and “pain” are reductionary concepts about the rainbow shadedness of animal sentience, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/holistic-sentience-concepts
  9. The problems we cause for animals and for each other, and the fine distinction, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/a-fine-line
  10. The Violence Question: Taking a jump to altruism …, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/the-violence-question-taking-a-jump-to-altruism
  11. Veganic plus Animal Sanctuaries plus Ethics, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/veganic-plus-animal-sanctuaries-plus-ethics
  12. Vegan Politics and Animal Politics, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/vegan-politics-and-animal-politics
  13. From individual to individual, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/individuals
  14. Female-identified human individuals and species-derogation, http://www.simorgh.de/objects/female-identified-human-individuals-and-species-derogation/
  15. Aspects in the deconstruction of speciesism, http://www.simorgh.de/objects/aspects-in-the-deconstruction-of-speciesism/
  16. Just thoughts, 17th Oct 2012, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/just-thoughts-17th-oct-2012
  17. Three questions I would like to ask any true animal advocate, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/three-questions
  18. Vegan speciesism, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/vegan-speciesism
  19. Common sense as a basis for morality in Animal Rights, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/common-sense-and-morality-in-animal-rights
  20. Vegan for justice, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/vegan-for-justice
  21. the “personal choice” debate and homocentrism, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/choices_and_homocentrism
  22. An e-memorial and about people who simply deny that their harboring speciesist attitudes when you confront them, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/speciesism-deniers
  23. Fragment … thoughts on what we think are “atrocities”, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/fragment-thoughts-on-what-we-think-are-atrocities
  24. thoughts ( 23 – 05 – 2012 ), http://simorgh.de/niceswine/thoughts-23-05-2012
  25. Can you think without your professor? http://simorgh.de/niceswine/can-you-think-without-your-professor
  26. Never rebut an enlightened anthropos – how dare you! http://simorgh.de/niceswine/enlightened
  27. I know about Human Rights and I know about Animal Rights, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/i-know-about-human-rights-and-i-know-about-animal-rights
  28. to impose a state of being “as if” parasitical, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/to-impose-a-state-of-being-as-if-parasitical
  29. An end to philosophical validity can lie in what we perceive to be reality, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/philosophy-and-opinion
  30. What about the cult of flesh, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/what-about-the-cult-of-flesh
  31. the ethics of food : eating : what’s wrong with vegan convenience foods? http://simorgh.de/niceswine/the-ethics-of-food-plant-based-understanding
  32. universities – ‘institutionalized’ thinking, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/universities-institutionalized-thinking
  33. but compassion, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/but-compassion
  34. All included, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/all-included
  35. Why Suckerberg is a speciesist? Cos there are too many of them, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/why-suckerberg-is-a-speciesist
  36. Envy, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/envy
  37. Three snippets … moving beyond the horizon of homocentrism, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/three-snippets-moving-beyond-the-horizon-of-homocentrism
  38. Speciesism isn’t … , http://simorgh.de/niceswine/speciesism-is-not
  39. Animal Rights: why there is a similar concern for establishing them alongside human rights, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/animal-rights-a-similar-concern-as-human-rights
  40. Where do you draw the line, when asking others to act up – ethically?! http://simorgh.de/niceswine/where-do-you-draw-the-line-when-asking-others-to-act-up-ethically
  41. Does life have to be tragic? http://simorgh.de/niceswine/does-life-have-to-be-tragic
  42. on the multiplicity of meaningfulness, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/the-multiplicity-of-meaningfulness
  43. to pretend not to understand anything at all, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/to-pretend-not-to-understand-anything-at-all
  44. animal rights pornography – definition, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/animal-rights-pornography-definition
  45. Taste, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/taste
  46. a human who truly understands, won’t seek dominance beyond the human realm, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/a-human-who-truly-understands-wont-seek-dominance-beyond-the-human-realm
  47. revolución requiere la inocencia, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/revolucion-requiere-la-inocencia
  48. Society is politics, but only as what regards their political philosophy, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/political-philosophy-fragment
  49. The Parallel, fragment about the position humans take towards “nature”, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/the-parallel
  50. Could be a u-turn, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/could-be-a-u-turn
  51. From hell to hell, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/from-hell-to-hell
  52. WHAT ARE “RIGHTS”? http://simorgh.de/niceswine/what-are-rights
  53. Sidetracks and main tracks, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/sidtracks-maintracks
  54. Food ethics, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/food-ethics
  55. Perspectives on priorities, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/perspectives-on-priorities
  56. “After all we are all human” – yes, but we are all so different, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/after-all-we-are-all-human-yes-but-we-are-all-so-different
  57. The Buddhist paradox, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/the-buddhist-paradox
  58. Not in my ethics, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/not-in-my-ethics
  59. Slivers, fragments, http://simorgh.de/niceswine/slivers

We, two lovers

1. even stupidity can rule only partly

2. the time of the mass movements is over
since the world is global
and global indeed in its enviromental
masses of interests fall into the pieces
of the dillemma
of the individual

3. I haven’t planned (rather : dared to hope) for it
but this is great
the ban of freedom
has been lifted
by fate

4. We are creative being passive, on a photo. I hold a vegetarian shoe by vegetarian shoes.