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Sentience stands in contexts, do you poke into the functionalities of a beings nervous system to analyze the “quality” of
Edibility in the case of the human-animal-relationship always goes along with the legitimization of “meat eating” via objectification of the
Criticizing human supremacism while practicing it? An animal sociology should in our view ideally be a system of full access
Speciesism = destruction by definition The “common denominator” is often used to derogate animality: Like “animals and humans both experience
Mani and the Manichaeans > Why the Manichaeans Abstained from Animal Food > Against the Manichaeans, Augustine of Hippo St.
Can anybody tell me why anyone needs scientific proof about animal cognition and sentience, etc. Address the individual/group themselves to
A very biologistic term: “artgerecht” The German language holds a term that describes that there can be things/actions by humans
Nonhumans are a case for their own sociology, and not one for our biology. Probably only 1 percent of people
Taking animals/animal groups "as a whole" still often deindividualises. Something like an antispeciesist-antibiologistic animal sociology would be a emancipative step
Speciesism is not alone the institutionalized killing it’s also the ritualized killing. It’s the sacrifice - done for the “human