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Since we are gonna make changes on our websites, I have to move this content regarding the poet Marion Canby. Read more
What if it's really illusionary to heal one evil by applying another evil? Like trying to fight an -ism while Read more
A socially just sociology means implying antidiscriminatory animal sociology. The levels of interaction between all subjects and all varying subjectivity Read more
Slightly edited repost of: https://simorgh.de/niceswine/fragment-on-insect-mythologies-and-representations (2014) A fragment on insect mythologies and insect representations, and why symbolism is not sufficient Read more
Fragment Decolonialism does not explain forms on nonhuman objectification and human “ruling via definition” in regards to “(nonhuman) animality” (which Read more
Who pretends that subversion functioned differently in society than oppressive patterns, with both relying on similar basic assumptions about the Read more
Those most visible of today’s animal allies (the animal rights and animal liberation movement) are equally unwilling to abstract from Read more
If you conflate the facts of ecological human destructivity with the factuality and bare existence of animal bodies, by statistically Read more
PREAMBLE We need a term that describes the broad discrimination/s or injustice/s exerted by human collectives and human individuals towards Read more
CN: animal portrayals in language Why do speciesists and antispeciesist alike verbally make/cite basic similar descriptions when it comes to Read more