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If you conflate the facts of ecological human destructivity with the factuality and bare existence of animal bodies, by statistically
PREAMBLE We need a term that describes the broad discrimination/s or injustice/s exerted by human collectives and human individuals towards
CN: animal portrayals in language Why do speciesists and antispeciesist alike verbally make/cite basic similar descriptions when it comes to
When nonhumans are forcibly subjected to trauma, it does produce trauma, but translates into a problematic that a biologistic approach
Antibiologism in antispe CN: Animal Symbolism vs Animal Mythologies A start to my argumentation: Animals as symbols is a dangerous
Animal cultures vs species Relating to Nonhumans as Humans: If you segregatively can't relate socially (including empathically) on all or
Nothing new, but needs to become practice! The better option with our limited vocabulary is to speak about Animal cultures
Interesting when people defend humans from humans insistingly on the back of nonhumans. Refined speciesism. antibiologistic antispeciesist animal sociology
Why treat nonhuman concerns in assigned fields, instead of debiologizing the typical stances on animality? “Being a human” is still
Nonhumans are constantly put into a Kaspar Hauser-like situation, where it is assumed that imprisonment and deprival from > social