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Dear proponents of > multiperspectival liberational > approaches: a.) the single-issue people, aren't even single issue but rather using activism Read more
Hi no infighting, but a bunch of people rally for closing down animal shelters and bring this argument forth as Read more
The relation between animal rights and environmental protection / protection of the co-world is not an illusionary niche realm, but Read more
Animal Rights includes both: An affirmation of the respect we hold for Nonhumans (the bridge of “dignity”, as holding a Read more
Being or sensing/feeling … ? Veganism vs. Sentientist struggles: If someone argues forth or back for what argumentation is more Read more
Sustainable … sustainability in social terms, inevitable. Sustainable … when it means "growth", seems a contradiction to economic-ecologic-justice. Sustainable … Read more
Where the notion of animality is mostly driven by biologism and general nonhuman animal objectification (philosophical, religious, legal, scientifically, and Read more
The moral and the ethical aspects of environmental destruction need to be addressed for the sake of “nature”/nonhuman spaces/communities/life themselves. Read more
Ecocide – Faunacide – Genocide, ongoing (1) Climate change consists of a compound of consequences of different ways in which Read more
What people in animal studies call animal history is usually the history of human disparagement of nonhumans. Analogisms for comparison Read more