overview in short

A very biologistic term: “artgerecht” The German language holds a term that describes that there can be things/actions by humans
Nonhumans are a case for their own sociology, and not one for our biology. Probably only 1 percent of people
Taking animals/animal groups "as a whole" still often deindividualises. Something like an antispeciesist-antibiologistic animal sociology would be a emancipative step
Speciesism is not alone the institutionalized killing it’s also the ritualized killing. It’s the sacrifice - done for the “human
When humans discuss animal communication/languages they inadvertently reveal how reductive the applied analytical frameworks they believe in factually work. All
Subordinating animality under any of our most promising political systems, somehow misses the point, since they all base on humancentered
Where activism for nonhumans divides: You can either name the fundamental wrong of speciesism or remain criticizing only the symptoms
We want to satisfy our basic sensual needs, because we’re instinctual beings – unlike you are. We forage, we breed,
Some of us contextualize life as “earth’s children” – as interacting multifaceted existential selves, families, groups … , while others
Theriocides are happening unquestioned, while climate neutrality is being envisioned. Animality’s habitat > ‘nature’ > is continuously being appropriated as