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Subjects that see subjects can be nonhuman, can be human. Subjects interact, and this makes up a political space that Read more
Not every perspective is provable to everyone, attitudes are influenced by positions People don’t see themselves under primarily biological terms, Read more
How the process of life is being reflected Regarding human life – some sequences are praised in extremes, while some Read more
Animal Rights keeps getting located too close to biology and the natural sciences, when it comes to explanations and definitions Read more
When > animal rights is just about supposed “instinctual biological entities” a.k.a. “species”, then no wonder if people keep reacting Read more
First comes human collectivism, goes along with human hybris, goes along with human narcissism. Humancentered speciesism is one of the Read more
A world free of speciesism for the benefit of all nonhuman life as the foremost goal In terms of Animal Read more
Are you able to tie every word, every term, every notion, every idea, every thought … to: Nonhumanity – Nonhuman Read more
Q: What do you think about totemism and animal symbolism and (as another form of symbolism) specific speciesist types of Read more
We believe that if our common notion of animal rights excludes invertebrates, like earthworms, we need to a.) analyze the Read more