… A poem by Marion Canby

… a meadow … with nesting life
spared by a mower’s blade set high
the flowering weeds and grasses strewn
over the field to be raked and dried
by rays from a fire set high in the heaven.
From: High Mowing by Marion Canby, 1932

I came across this poem in an opening quote, namely in “Leadership” by James MacGregor Burns. This stanza is amazingly beautiful. Googling I found that Willa Cather must have been in contact with Marion Canby….

One thought on “… A poem by Marion Canby

  1. Dear Gita,

    I was amazed to find the lines of Marion Canby and your correspondence with her relative, especially since, by chance I had been doing extensive research on her and her family all week in Wilmington, Delaware. In addition I worked all week on a sonnet about a pivotal tragedy in her life which I have placed online


    Thank you for your site. I do hope you might put me in contact with her great grandaughter since I have much more information.

    Donata Lewandowski Guerra

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