What bugs me enormously

Have just been reading Hannah Arendt ‘ s study on Totalitarianism, but how she takes the African culture as race in a form „as if” contrastable to other cultures and races, gives me a severe headache. I already swallowed the fact that Arendt is a homocentrist, which many intellectuals are. But I’m disappointed to find out that she has a blind spot with Human Rights as well.

I assume that both of these blind spots or deficits have a graspable reason. The reason for untying culture from what we call „race”, has something to do with the degrading image of countries the West once called „3rd World countries”: These countries were considered to be culturally „less developed” , a formulation which only sought to hide the claim of a higher self-relevance. As if just certain cultures had been the cradles of important cultural heritages.

The other problem, that with homocentrim, has something to do with the perpetual belief in the philosphical, religious and political tradition of denouncing nature: self-autonomy. But however, as far as regards the question of oppresion: the origin of oppression shares an equal source. But not just in totalitarianism though.

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