Temple Grandin is just another biologist massmurder

What Temple Grandin does is not Animal Welfare. How dare anybody who is concerned about Animal Rights say that? Killing for flesh is murder! Do you remember that AR people and welfarists – or does one have to remind you or make you aware of it, such as in the case of the welfarists?

People who think they care about nonhuman animal rights or/and their welfare should really make their mind up. On which side do you stand? Are you pro-murder? If you think murder can be improved that’s horrible enough, but who would go around campaigning for a better form of murder instead of decrying murder in the first place?

That somebody is an “animal scientist” such as Ms. Grandin is, doesn’t mean they have any real comprehension of what nonhuman animal life is about, it’s a world that our homocentrist society hardly understands, especially as soon as human speciesist interests set in. And yes, the university degrees somebody holds are the ones that were attainable in a homocentrist society.

Temple Grandin is just one other massmurder participates in killing nonhumans on the basis of the biological argument.

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