“Homocentrist” … from a glossary

The view that the environment and nature exists primarily to serve human needs along with the implication that the
environment may be exploited justifiably in the interests of the human population.

Some people take the term “homocentrist” to refer homosexuality, or the astronomists and mathematicians see the term as something that has one center (comparable to the solely abstract use of the morpheme “homo” in “homegenous”).

However, I, along some others like the people who wrote this glossary for instance, understand the term as factually meaning Homo, the Latin Human, like in Homo sapiens and Homo erectus, etc. and -centrism (it’s not “Anthro-sapiens”).

The usage of the term “Homo” makes most sense to me to be applied in an etho-ecological context, because exactly of the way in which Linnaeus demarcated a line with the word “Homo” for the very some beings on top, the Homo sequence, and all other phenomena he named were decidedly placed below.

The animal kingdom was bio-logically relegated into sub-castes that had hardly anything to do anymore with their human animal “peers”.

So homocentrism means being centered on humans or on the human. A legitimate interpretation of the term I believe.

However. Oh and just something else that I quickly want to note, and that is, how surprised I am that I could not find anything in Google under “a vegan ecology”. I hope something can be found soon … !!


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