Svarteskerm: Christian punk and veg*ism as being a constituent part of the love for the Creation

Elof from the Swedish Christian punkband Svarteskerm told us about their stance on the ethics of veganism and vegetarianism:

For us as a band inspired by the teaching of Jesus compassion is a big deal. How do we as humans (individually and as a community) grow and develop our compassion? Vegetarianism/veganism is one of the things that we believe is a way to grow your compassion. How can you respect the Creator If you abuse the creation?

Not all of our members are vegan/vegetarians but all is in a process to grow in compassion towards all of Gods creation.

For us it’s important not to judge people but to inspire and help them take steps towards a more compassionate lifestyle, if someone stops eating animal products completely and another starts to have vegetarian Mondays from listening to our music we’re happy to have helped. On every journey there’s a first step and a second and a 113th… We can only help people take a (small or big) step, not change them altogether.

With that being said, eating meat is both stupid, cruel, egocentric, harmful (to animals, creation and humans and yourself) so please stop doing it!

Svarteskerm – Maktlös

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